The Horse “External Beauty”



Over many countless hours and finger cramps I’ve finished the horse.

I was coloring this in and I had to remember every single piece I colored in was one step closer to finishing the final piece. There were hundreds and hundreds of spots to fill.

Every line matters. Without one line the other wouldn’t be there connecting every point of the drawing into one single image. Similar to a puzzle. Only the correct pieces fit. Not just any piece.


76 thoughts on “The Horse “External Beauty”

  1. Hi Brandon. Love your intricate, geometric art. You really rendered the beauty of a horse. I especially loved how you captured the reins and a shadow line underneath. Wonderful artistry. ❤

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    • Well thanks!! Your so kind hahah. Yeah I hope more people notice that. Those were suppose to be shadows. That was my intention. THANKS MAN!! I thank you for taking the effort to come check my art out.

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